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STAUFF Diagtronics


The Stauff Diagtronics program provides
components and services for monitoring and
analyzing hydraulic fluids in mobile and
industrial hydraulic systems.

The range includes analogue and digital
pressure gauges and hydraulic testers to high-
precision laser particle counters.

A versitle range is essential for different
customers needs. The innovative STAUFF
Diagtronics program addresses these decisive
factors in the market and offers a wide range of
state-of-the-art products with the highest quality.

Competent and fast service is a matter of
course i our company. Due to extensive
inventory, both customized special parts and
special product combinations are available


Monitoring the essential parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics:

  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Fluid level
  • Contamination
  • and much more

STAUFF Diagtronics
Flow Indicators SDM / SDMK

analog flow indicators measure the flow rate of fluids in mobile and industrial hydraulics

STAUFF Diagtronics
Flow Monitoring SGF / SGFE / Mounting Plates SGFM

flow meter solution offers high accuracy and high pressure flow monitoring

STAUFF Diagtronics
In-Line Flow Meters SFF

is ideal for monitoring case drain flows, pump performance and media flows through hydraulic circuits and sub-circuits

STAUFF Diagtronics
Laser Particle Counter Oil Analysis / Bottle Samplers

contamination measured by two laser and a photodiode due to the light obstruction principle. Measure, analyse and document the results immediately without the need of any additional equipment, and take measurement samples for anaysis at a later time

STAUFF Diagtronics
Level Switches / Temperature Transmitters/Switches

SLTS allows the end-user to adjust the switching level STW is available in a variety of temperature rangesSTWE LED displays continuous temperature monitoring and allows for the operator to easily adjust set and reset points STC is designed for process measurement in low pressures

STAUFF Diagtronics
Oil Sample Bottles/Kits SFSK / Oil Condition Sensors OCS

kit measures the cleanliness level in ISO, NAS and SAE codes with oil samples and an oil management program with STAUFF oil anaysis systems continuosly monitors the condition of hydraulic and lubricating oils and displays in real-time

STAUFF Diagtronics
Particle Monitor Oil Analysis LPM

determine the contamination by a high-performance LED due to the light obscuration principle

STAUFF Diagtronics
PPC Hydraulic Testers / Sensors / Cables / Adaptors

PPC Series Hydraulic Testers are available with up to 6 analog sensor inputs and 1 or 2 CAN interfaces SFM Flow Turbine for various flow ranges Cables / Software for different connection and extension for all Hydraulic Testers of the PPC Series Pressure Sensors sturdy stainless design with quick response times (<1 ms) and high accuacy (+/- 25% FS typ)

STAUFF Diagtronics
Pressure Gauges, Analog and Digital

SPG / WPG / SPG-DIGI Series can be used as both stationary or portable devices, for an extensive width of possible system pressures and with different measuring ranges

STAUFF Diagtronics
Pressure Switches, Mechanical and Electronic SPW / SPWF

provides continuos monitoring and allows the operator to adjustthe set points, dependent on mechanical or electronic

STAUFF Diagtronics
Pressure Test Kits, Analog and Digital

available in many options according with customer wishes

STAUFF Diagtronics
Pressure Transmitter and Reader PT-RF

offers pressure measurements for fluid technologyapplications within a few seconds at the press of a button and then documented in a reliable process

STAUFF Diagtronics
Pressure Transmitters SPT

are designed for many industrial pressure measurement applications,converting pressures into the corresponding output signals

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