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STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories


The STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories programme has been carefully designed to offer a constantly growing range of sophisticated components suited to the demands of designing and building tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes in most industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Whether you require visual or visual/electrical fluid level and temperature indicators, tank filler breathers, air breathers to protect your reservoir from contamination and moisture, or Accumulators for providing safety and power in Hydraulic systems. STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories will provide you with the product you need! The programme is rounded off by suction strainers and diffusors that are positioned within the reservoir and connected directly to the suction and return lines.

STAUFF guarantees prompt service, even for special constructions according to customer`s specifications or based on STAUFF developments, such as the range of extra-compact equipment that has particularly been designed for applications in which space is limited.


  • Tanks, Reservoirs, Power Packs and Gear Boxes in Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Air Breathers / Desiccant Air Breathers and Breather Adaptors

SGB / SDB / SVDB Series for breathing of reservoirs or gearboxes

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Clean Tube and Hose Cleaning

Stauff launcher uses compressed air to propel a foam projectile through the nozzle and into the hose, pipe ot tube

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Diffusers SRV

designed for direct installation into return lines to reduce fluid aeration, foaming and noise

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Fluid Level / Temperature Indicators

SNA / SNK / SNKK level gauges OLG-SLW & OLG sight glasses visual / electrical fluid level indication in hydraulic reservoirs with maximum tank pressure not exceeding 29 PSI / 2 bar

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Motor Pump Adaptors & Mount Brackets

vertical and horizontal mounts for accurate alignment between pump and motor. Access covers available

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Other Reservoir Accessories

SRF Series Return Line Bushings SWF Series SAE Weld Adaptors EC Series End CoversSUF Series Suction Flanges WC Series SAE O-Ring Weld Flanges OLG-SLW & OLG Series Sight Glass

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Suction Strainers SUS

designed as in-tank suction strainer elements for direct installation into suction lines of pumps

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Tank Filler Breathers Metal

SMBB / SMBT / SMBL / SMBP designed to be used as filler ports for hydraulic reservoirs and allowing the reservoir to breather whilst protecting it from contamination

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories
Tank Filler Breathers Plastic

SPB & SPBN series are designed to be used as filler ports for hydraulicreservoirs and allowing the reservoir to breather whilst protecting it from contamination

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