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STAUFF Accumulators

Stauff Bladder and Diaphragm Accumulators for providing safety and power in hydraulic systems; Accumulator clamps and mounting brackets as well as pre-loading and checking sets.


For more than 50 years, STAUFF Clamps symbolize quick and easy, as well as, secure installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components with outside diameters up to 1016 mm / 40.00 inch

STAUFF Connect

STAUFF Connect is closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of tube connectors made of carbon steel for metric tubes with outer diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm in accordance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353.

STAUFF Diagtronics

STAUFF Diagtronics contains analogue and digital measuring devices for monitoring the essential parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: Pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, fluid level, contamination and much more

STAUFF Filtration Technology

STAUFF Filtration Technology product range contains an extensive product range in the areas of filtration and purification of oils and other media, which fully meets – or even exceeds – the requirements of modern service and maintenance of machines and equipment.

STAUFF Flanges

STAUFF Flanges are closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of single-part and multi-part SAE flange connectors in the standard and high-pressure series according to SAE J 518 C and ISO 6162-1/2. Compared to tube fittings, the biggest advantage of SAE Flanges is the considerably higher-pressure resistance for most sizes and the continuous pressure level in the High-Pressure Series (6000 PSI).

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories are consistently developed and enhanced with well thought-out and sophisticated components suited to meet or exceed the increasing requirements of designing and building tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Stauff Literature

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STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

STAUFF Couplings have proven their value for many years in practical use in hydraulic systems. The excellent quality of the couplings is the result of continual product improvement in which the experiences of users have been taken into consideration, as well.


STAUFF Test product range allow machine operators and maintenance personnel to easily and safely connect analogue and digital measuring and display devices for the temporary testing or continuous monitoring of system pressure and other factors.


STAUFF Valves provide access to a comprehensive range of manually operated valves for shutting off, regulating, throttling and fluid media in mobile and industrial hydraulics.